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WCET 101.7 FM broadcasts in Columbia, SC.  WCET 101.7 FM is owned and operated by Michael Vara.

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Late Night In The Midlands is the cover show for WCETfm, hosted by Michael Vara from Rochester, New York.  From 9 pm to midnight, listeners explore, alongside Michael, current events, paranormal happenings and the latest jaw-dropping political happenings of Washington and across the country.

Late Night In The Midlands is Paranormal Radio's 11th ranked show of 2019 and Michael Vara is the 45th most influential host of 2018-2019.

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This Week's Programming

Sunday - Replay

Monday -  Robert Pepino (Current Events) Website

Tuesday - Keith Linder (Demonic GuestsWebsite

Wednesday - Wayne Pacelle  (Humane Watch) Website

Thursday -  Steve Burgess (Past Life Regressions) Website

Friday - Jennifer W. Stein (Crop circles) Website

Saturday - LNM Replay / Uncensored 3:pm until 4:pm Est


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